AMAZING Kale Recipe

My friend Janell turned my love for kale on again with this recipe.  When I first started incorporating more raw foods into my diet I was Kale-crazy!  I made kale salads and kale smoothies and kale chips all of the time!  I soon grew tired of kale and I have been off of it for a while.

My husband and I went up to Atlanta for the holidays and we spent an evening with our friends. During our visit our hostess, Janell, made a delicious dinner which included this kale salad.  I literally had four servings!  It is so fresh, and so well-flavored I make it every week now!

I like to go to my local farmer’s market every Saturday and get local pesticide-free kale.  I’m supporting the local farmers and I’m putting healthy food into my body. Do you have any farmer’s markets where you live? Look online and see what market’s are available. It’s the best way to get your food; just make sure you ask about organic and pesticide-free produce.

Click here for the Kale recipe and check out my friend’s awesome blog!


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