Starbucks Alternative: Iced Coffee Superfood

I have gone through all sorts of what I would call “food phases” in my life. There was the time in high school when I gave up food for Lent in an effort to get skinny. Then there was the time I limited my eating to frozen mixed vegetables (cooked of course) for three meals a day. In high school I was a so-called vegetarian eating only cafeteria mac n’ cheese, canned green beans and French fries; oh man those were the days.  Since then, as an adult, I have been on a journey towards better health. Dealing with issues like weight gain, acne and digestive problems I have been seeking out the perfect diet for over six years. I won’t go into all of that right now, but it is important for you to know that [I believe] there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to food.

The following recipe was inspired by my draw towards mineral-rich and nutritionally complex foods. I love to feel satisfied and healthy. Recently, I noticed very specific foods that have upset my digestive system (mainly naughty holiday treats) and I was looking for something that would provide me with deliciousness, nutrition and a cleansing effect.  This picture is awful so please don’t judge 🙂

Here’s what I came up with…

Chocolate Coffee Superfood


I love Starbucks but my body cannot handle the sugary-syrups they put into their specialty drinks. Normally I would make this drink hot but being that it is a humid Winter day here in the Sunshine State I have made this drink iced.

1 cup organic dark-roast coffee, cooled to room temperature (or hot if you want this drink to be warmer)

splash of your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk/cream (I use almond or coconut milk)

2 heaping tablespoons raw organic Cacao powder

1 level tablespoon raw organic maca powder

1 level tablespoon Ormus Supergreens (has a minty-taste that I LOVE!)

1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract

4 drops vanilla stevia

1 teaspoon local raw honey

Blend all together until smooth and pour over ice. If you would like this beverage to be hot then don’t let the coffee get cold and blend together and pour into your favorite mug! Also, if you are not a coffee drinker you can still enjoy this drink. Either brew your favorite black tea or my favorite Longevity Tea.

Let me know if you add anything to this drink. Or post your favorite superfood chocolate drink!


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