21 Day Cleanse

I am so excited to be starting a new cleanse tomorrow with my good friend Janell. Janell has an amazing business called Pantry TakeOver where she offers personalized nutritional guidance and great recipes.

The cleanse consists of eating a clean, organic, veggie-filled diet with organic protein and organic, non-GMO herbal supplements to make sure you are satisfied and getting all of the nutrients you need. I am really excited about this cleanse because it is not a fast and I know I will not have that empty feeling while I’m on this journey.

What’s the difference between a fast and a cleanse? Well, a dietary fast can also be very healing but it is a lot more restrictive and can be a shock to your system if you do not prepare your body properly. A cleanse is a great way to get refreshed and if you do want to do a fast, I recommend starting with a cleanse as a stepping stone.

When cleansing the body the goal is to get rid of toxic build up from poor food choices and environmental toxins.  Ask yourself, “What is my goal?” By establishing what you want to accomplish first and setting goals for yourself, you can then decide the best route to take to achieve those goals.

Personally, my goals are to lose weight, and jump start a healthier lifestyle. I have noticed that areas of my body are very tender to the touch; I found through nutritional testing that I am allergic to several foods including all forms of gluten. Through this cleanse I am hoping to find relief from this tenderness. I’m also hoping for an increase in energy levels and a deeper, more restful sleep.

I look forward to seeing what kind of results I get with this cleanse and sharing them with you. I will be blogging throughout this the 21 days as well as posting recipes. Stay tuned for all the excitement and please let me know if you have any questions.

Also, check out Rosie’s blog Facing Your Storm, for info on how to thrive on the GAPS diet. I look forward to embracing the GAPS diet after my 21 day cleanse is complete.


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