Raspberry, Vanilla Bean and Cashew Smoothie

At almost 40 weeks pregnant I have very specific cravings at each meal, as anyone who has ever been pregnant can totally relate to.

Last night I got it in my head that I wanted a raw food smoothie with cashews and dates like I used to make years ago when I was a raw foodist (which I am not anymore). I started by soaking about 1cup of cashews overnight. This part is really important because you need the cashews to be soft, also they should be raw unsalted cashews; this will not turn out well if they are roasted or salted.

This morning I got up not so sure I still wanted the smoothie, pregnancy cravings don’t usually continue into the next day for me, but since I had soaked the cashews I was committed. So I heated up a gluten free blueberry muffin to tide me over as the dates soaked.

You will need about 6 organic, raw dates, soak them for about 15-20 mins before pitting them. Getting organic for dates is essential as they are one of the most highly sprayed crops. There are three fruits that I only eat organic and I do not compromise on these: dates, apples and strawberries, these guys are so highly sprayed that you might as well just chug the chemicals. I am not strict with everything because it’s really difficult to do, but those three are non-negotiables.

Once your dates are soaked they should be easy to pry open and pit. You don’t want to forget this step, blending dates with pits is the pits. Also, be sure to use a high speed blender for this smoothie like a Vitamix or Blentec. If you try to use a regular blender you will probably break it and it will not come out with the right consistency.

What you will need:

1 1/2c cold water

1c soaked cashews

6 soaked, pitted dates

2T ground, golden flax meal

1T chia seeds

2T MCT oil

1 scraped vanilla bean

1c frozen or fresh raspberries

1/2 frozen banana (optional)

handful of ice cubes

The process:

– Fill your blender with 1 1/2 cups cold water and add pitted dates, soaked cashews, flax meal, chia seeds, MCT oil and scraped vanilla bean. Secure lid and blend on high until dates and cashews are completely smooth.

– Add raspberries, banana and ice. Secure lid and blend on high until completed mixed. Your smoothie will be thick and creamy and will continue to thicken as it sits because of the chia and flax. You will want to drink right away, don’t put it in the fridge for later.



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