Super Alive Foods

What is this all about?

Nutrition, health, longevity, peace, happiness, Namaste.

I am dedicated to teaching people how to live more healthy, happy lives.  I am a raw food nutritionist certified by David Wolfe and The Body Mind Institute.

This website is designed as a tool in your education.  Your education towards a more healthy, happy life.  Please try out the recipes, check out the links, and ask me questions.

I am currently working on a new edition of my cookbook.  This one will be an all-in-one family-style cookbook. It is focused on getting you healthy no matter what kind of diet you eat or prefer.  If you have any recipe requests for the cookbook please shoot me an email and I will take it into consideration.

I believe that everyone deserves to live the best possible life.  I want to spread the knowledge that I have to help you live more peacefully within yourself and on this planet.

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